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Swipe Copy – Video #1

Subject Lines:

The Ultimate Strategic Advantage – What is it?

Why these 28 “Critical Marketplace Factors” are essential.

How to skyrocket your business with 28 “Critical Marketplace Factors”



Here’s a new free video training from Mark Harris
that shows you the 28 "Critical Marketplace Factors"
that will help you supercharge your business or career.
Just opt-in to watch it free:
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In this video, Mark shows you:
- The 12 Biggest Challenges Facing Business People Today.
- 4 Monumental Trends that are transforming all markets.
- He'll also discuss the 2 Core Focus Areas - you must master.
- The video will share The Ultimate Strategic Advantage, and
- the 10 ways you can profit from this powerful strategy.
Go watch this video now, and while it’s available:
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Watch it now,

Swipe Copy – Video #2

Subject lines:

What blueprint gives max profits, least time?

72 blueprints, just 1 is the winner!

How To Win In Your Market.


Go watch this new video from Mark Harris, where he shares the winning blueprint for
winning in your business or career:

Any Industry, Any Market, Any Niche 
(just opt-in to watch):


THE LINK SHOULD READ: [The Winning Blueprint: Out of 72 Total]

Inside, you’ll learn the ultimate blueprint
for winning in your market (the one that 
gives you maximum profits, in minimum time).

Mark have analyzed over 72 blueprints that
can help your business or career grow, but
only 1, got his top pick!

This blueprint:

- Not only gives you maximum Profit, 
  In minimum time...

- It also gives you the highest level
  of innovation for your market (exactly
  what they want to buy)

- And, it's the one approach of all 72
  that guarantees you the highest credibility
  almost immediately!

Use this blueprint as an outline for your 
business or career plan and you'll quickly
insure that your products, services, solutions
or advice are at the highest level, with the
highest credibility, while giving your market
what they want, to gladly pay the highest prices!

Here’s the link again, to watch this video now 
(just opt-in to see it):


THE LINK SHOULD READ: [The Winning Blueprint: Out of 72 Total]

You really need to see this,

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Swipe Copy – Video #3

Subject Lines:

How Thought Leaders, Create Marketing Machines.

What is the Marketing Machine Formula?

How To Quickly Build A Profitable Marketing Machine.

Here’s a new video from Mark Harris, where he
teaches you the Marketing Machine Formula!
(just opt-in to watch):

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HAVE LINK SAY: Marketing Machine Formula

In Mark's last video, he showed you how to insure
you have EXACTLY what the market will be excited about...

On this video, he will walk you through the Marketing
Machine Formula which shows you how to insure that
you systematically get the market to ACTUALLY buy it!

Mark also explains how creating a marketing machine
in your business, is actually the first step towards
market leadership!

Watch it now, and learn how you can create your own
marketing machine:

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Swipe Copy – Video #4 – Cart Open!

Subject Lines:

Winning The Market: the 8-step plan.

What is the 8-step plan to winning the market?

How To Win In Your Market – The 8-step plan.

Here’s the last new video from Mark Harris, 
where he walks you through the 8-steps to
Winning in your Market, industry or niche.
(regardless of the competitive landscape!)

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HAVE LINK SAY: The 8-steps To Winning Your Market

In this video, Mark will show you...

- How To Win In Any Market. (competition strategies)

- The Secret Leverage that gives you 
  the power to win.

- The quickest and simplest way to execute your plan
  without pulling your hair out.    

On this video, you'll know everything you need
to execute a market winning plan that, wins regardless
of competition, produces maximum income in minimum time,
and quickly positions you as the market leader.

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HAVE LINK SAY: The 8-steps To Winning Your Market

By the way, this video will be coming down soon,
so watch it now!

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